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Constructed of Pine and stained Golden Oak with a clear polyurethane topcoat. Measures 21"x19"x20"H. The bed measures 10"x14". The litter pan is located in a pull-out drawer, the pan measures 15"x18"x5" deep. The door opening measures 8"x8". Includes 2 stainless steel 32 oz feeding dishes recessed into the top. Shipping weight 50lbs oversize 23"x23"x23"H.


LITTER MATLITTER MATThis practical trapping mat by Catit is perfect for keeping the area near your cat's litter pan clean and tidy. The mat has a soft surface with flexible fibers that gently dislodge and collect litter from your cat's paws as they step on it. As a result, litter stays on the mat and does not spread all over the place.

Key Features : •Convenient litter trapping mat for cat pans •Reduces tracking •Protects floors and carpets from litter spills •Soft surface with flexible fibers dislodges and traps litter from paws •Helps keep paws clean and maintains cleaner, healthier area •Durable and easy to clean •Ideal for all Catit pans and All-In-Ones

Click to enlargeBUILD ME ONEIf the above item is sold out or you want a different fabric on the bed you can order it here and have one built for you, it will take the posted shipping time on the homepage.

BUILD ME ONE BOCS32$199.00Fabric: