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Add this heated pad and your cat house will be even more warm and cozy. Measures 9"x12" Heated Pad Features: •Recommended for outdoor and indoor use •Only 25 watts •Chew resistant features •Thermostatically controlled to warm to animals normal body temperature •UL Listed The pad warms up to about 15 degrees above the surrounding temp and then when it senses the cat's weight on it, it will warm up to about 100 degrees which has been determined to be the perfect temp for cats. PLEASE NOTE, IF YOU ORDER THIS ITEM WITH A "CAT POD" OR CUSTOM HOUSE WE WILL INSTALL A PORTAL FOR THE CORD. BUT IF YOU ORDER IT WITH ANY OTHER "READY-SHIP" HOUSE THERE WILL NOT BE A PORTAL.IF YOU ARE ADDING THIS ITEM TO HEATED HOUSE WE WILL ADD A PLUG INSIDE TO CONNECT THE HEATED PAD. THE HEATED PAD WILL BE CONTOLLEED BY THE SAME THERMOSTAT THAT CONTROLLS THE HEAT LAMP. IF YOU WANT TO ORDER THIS ITEM ALONE WITHOUT A HOUSE IT MUST BE ORDERED FROM THE "OTHER CAT STUFF" SECTION WHERE SHIPPING COSTS ARE ADDED ON.