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SOLD OUT SEE BUILD ME ONE-----This is a heated ready to ship house. It is built, finished, boxed and ready to ship. The good news is it will ship the next business day, the bad news is we can not change, add or delete anything, it only comes as described. The obvious advantage to ordering this house is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT !!! This is a regular size house measuring 18"x18"x24"h on the outside ans 13"x14"x13"h on the inside. The floor is VINYL with a piece of removable carpet on top. The floor, walls and attic are insulated. The house is heated by a 50 watt infared bulb installed into a recessed light fixture in the ceiling so it is out of the way. There is an adjustable thermostat mounted inside the door, the bulb only comes on when heat is needed. There is also a thermometer mounted on the inside back wall. This house has the 6" Trixie Cat Door. The house comes with a 20 ft cord. The front of the house opens for easy access and cleaning. The siding is STAINED GOLDEN OAK and the trim is STAINED DARK WALNUT.Also includes a weatherproof outlet mounted on the back and a heated water bowl.