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---------SOLD OUT SEE BUILD ME ONE--------------This is a well built handcrafted outdoor cat house. It measures 21"x21"x20"h on the outside and 17"x17"x18"h on the inside. This house is insulated and the base and floor are made of treated lumber that will not rot or decay. The floor is covered with carpet and pulls out for easy access and cleaning.The house is finished with a durable exterior stain and sealer that will stand up to the weather and UV rays. Includes the large petmate door, door opening measures 7"x8" will fit the largest cats.The cushion on top is made from weather resistant fabric and uphostery foam. THIS HOUSE IS BUILT, FINISHED, BOXED AND READY TO SHIP NEXT BUSINESS DAY NOTHING CAN BE CHANGED ADDED OR TAKEN OFF IT ONLY COMES AS DESCRIBED. SHIPPING WEIGHT 50LBS OVERSIZE 23"X22"X23"


Click to enlargeBUILD ME ONEIf the above house is sold out or you would like to add an option you can order it here and have it built for you, it will take the posted shipping time on the home page.

BUILD ME ONE BRS306$239.00