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THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT BUT YOU CAN STILL ORDER IT AND WE WILL BUILD YOU ONE AND SHIP IT OUT WITHIN 12BUSINESS DAYS. This is a regular size heated cedar outdoor cat house. It measures 18"x18"x24h" on the outside and 13"x14" on the inside. It has vinyl on the floor with a piece of removable carpet on top and the interior walls are lined with CEDAR. The exterior siding and trim are Cedar. The roof and access door are made of a more durable composite material that has a knotty pine texture and is painter Hunter Green.This house includes the three most popular upgrades, the Commercial door, a square window and the infared bulb. House has a 20 ft cord. The base of the house is treated lumber that will not rot or decay. The front of the house opens for easy access and cleaning. The house is heated with a 50 watt infared bulb installed in a recessed light fixture in the ceiling so it is out of Kitty's way. There is an adjustable thermostat right inside the door and a thermometer on the back wall. The bulb only comes on when heat is needed.

Stand maesures 18" high, is made entirely of Cedar, has a landing that extends 8" that Kitty can jump up on to enter house, and has a cushioned lounging deck underneath where kitty can nap in nice weather. The cushion is 1" foam and is covered with a weatherproof fabric, same that is used on patio furniture. SHIPPING WEIGHT 90 LBS 2 CARTONS