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MADE TO ORDER AND SHIPS OUT WITHIN 15 BUSINESS DAYS---This house measures aprox. 22"x22"x 5 FT HIGH on the outside and each compartment measures 16"x16"x14"h on the inside. All of the exterior is made of cedar except the base is pressure treated lumber. All walls, floor and attic are insulated. All the interior surfaces are lined with carpet. The floor is vinyl with removable carpet on top. There is a Round window on the bottom and 2nd level. This house also has the large upgraded door on the bottom level for that fat cat and a regular size door on the 2nd level. Also included is the DELUXE HEAT MODULE, it sits between the 1st and 2nd levels and heats the bottom level with a 100 watt infrared bulb and the top of the unit doubles as a heated bed. Since heat rises the entire house is heated evenly. Has the upgraded thermostat that you can set and forget, The thermostat is located inside right above the door. The bulb only comes on when heat is needed. House has a 20 ft cord running out the back of the house. There is a small compartment in the attic where Kitty can go to get away from it all, and has a small round window. SHIPS IN 4 CARTONS but there is no assembly, the modules simply stack on top of one another. PLEASE NOTE, WE ONLY BUILD THIS HOUSE DURING THE OFF-SEASON FEB THRU AUG, IT WON'T BE AVAILABLE TO ORDER DURING THE BUSY SEASON SEPT THRU JAN.

2 1/2 STORY CEDAR RS2-5C$799.00