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SOLD OUT--The 3 story modular measures 23"x23"x 5 feet tall. It is shipped in sections that simply stack on top of each other there is no other assembly. Each module measures 16"x16" on the inside. The house is completely insulated and all interior surfaces are covered with carpet. There is a 6" opening in the floor on each level for kitty to move from one level to another. There are two cat doors, a Large one at the first level that will fit the biggest cat and a regular size door at the 2 nd level. A perch is located at the second level for kitty to jump up on. The deluxe heat module is place between the first and second levels. It heats the level below it with 100 watt infared heat lamp that is recessed into the ceiling so its out of the way.There is an adjustable thermostat located above the door on the bottom level. The top of the heat module is a heated bed that is covered by carpet that easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Since warm air rises the heat is eveny distributed throughout the house. The top level has an access door with a cat-face window. There are also 2 Square windows located at the first and second level. The siding is stained Golden Oak and the trim is stained Dark Walnut. DON'T WAIT FOR COLD WEATHER TO ORDER YOUR CAT HOUSE, CATS NEED PLENTY OF TIME TO GET USE TO THE IDEA OF USING A NEW CAT HOUSE PLEASE NOTE THAT EVEN THOUGH ALL COMPONENTS OF THIS HOUSE ARE SHIPPED AT THE SAME TIME, THE LARGER TOP LEVEL SOMETIMES TAKES LONGER TO ARRIVE BECAUSE OF THE WAY PACKAGES ARE SORTED AT THE UPS FACILITY. SHIPPING WEIGHT 200LBS 4 CARTONS.