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This is a large outdoor cat house measuring 38"W x 18"D x 18"H, overall height with the stand is 22". The compartment for the Cat measures 22" x 13" x 13H" and will fit one large cat comfortably or 2 small cats that are willing to curl together. House has a large door that will fit the biggest Cat. There is a door to access the AC Thermostat. For heat house includes a large 12"x18" K&H Heated pad designed for outdoor use. The Ac Unit is screened in to keep it clean and to keep the bugs out. The exterior of the house is all Cedar except the top is a more durable plywood painted with Behr deckover, a very durable paint. The house is finished with several coats of a clear gloss spar urethene for maximum protection. The base is treated lumber that can be placed right on the Ground and not rot or decay. House is thoroughly insulated and the top lifts off for easy access. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS HOUSE NEEDS TO BE SETUP ON A FLAT LEVEL SURFACE FOR THE AC UNIT TO OPERATED AND DRAIN PROPERLY. More about the Ac unit: HALF THE COST OF THIS CAT HOUSE IS THE AC UNIT Introducing the HOUNDITIONER! Akoma Dog Products is excited to introduce our newest product - the HOUNDITIONER Pet House Air Conditioner! This unit is made from the finest A/C parts available and will provide comfort for your pet on those hot, summer days! Keeps dogs or cats cool, even on the hottest days Small size - 8” x 9” x 13” Easy to install Economical to operate Top handle for easy transporting Thermostatically controlled Uses eco-friendly R-134A Refrigerant Supplies 1400 BTU’s to cool even the largest pet house Removes heat and humidity to prevent pets from over heating More about the Heat Pad: All KH heated beds and pads feature dual thermostats and are designed to warm to your pet's normal body temperature when he/she lies on the pad. When your pet is not on the pad, the heat will dissipate into the air and the surface temperature will vary according to the ambient air temperature. All KH heated products are thermostatically controlled to heat to 102° F, regardless of the size. Dual thermostat simply means there are two internal thermostats that will keep the surface of the bed at 10-15° F above ambient air temperature when your pet is not on the bed. When your pet lies on the bed, it will warm to about 102° F