Why are there no locks on the Cat doors on your houses? We have to remove the locks to ensure that a cat can't be trapped inside, our product is to make Kitty's life more comfy NOT put it in danger.

What is the best heat, the bulb or the pad? The bulb is best because it warms up the entire house and entices the cat to enter. The pad basicly warms up the cat once the cat is on it and then the cat's body heat warms up the house. The ideal cat house would have both.

In the description for the Deluxe house it says it has an insulated attic, does this mean the cat can access the attic? No, it simply means there is insulation in the attic.

If the order form shows the wrong house not the one I ordered what happens then. This can't happen, the only mistake that the ordering system can make is your item won't show at all or it might get duplicated it can not show an item different than what you ordered. These errors can only be caused by humans and you are the only human involved when you place your order.If you accidently hit the wrong button simply remove the item from your order and get the correct one, please check over the order before submitting it.

I ordered a house with 2 doors and when I received it only one of the doors had a lock on it, how come? We have to remove the locking mechanism from one door to make sure a cat can not be trapped inside.

I live in Canada, if i order a cat house do the shipping charges include customs fees? No, any additional fees Canada applies to imports are collected c.o.d.

I ordered 6 ready ship houses, 2 were delivered quick the others took several days how come? We have very limited quantities of the ready ship houses. The number in stock will appear on your order form. Anything over quantity in stock will take the posted shipping time.

I ordered a ready to ship house and it took 8 days to be shipped out, why? The ready ship houses are built, boxed and ready to ship out next business day. But if you order an upgrade or add-on along with it then it has to be built from scratch and will ship out the posted shipping time.

Do you offer a discount when a customer orders multiple houses? Yes, but only during the off season Jan thru July, you can get a 10% discount. You must order all houses at once however. Enter the following for Promo Code at checkout: 2ormore

Why should I choose one of your heavy wood houses over an easy to clean plastic house? Your Kitty will feel much more safe and secure in one of our houses especially during a storm and you won't have to go looking for the house after a storm, it will stay put. It's like comparing a trailer home to a solidly built home. As for cleaning you have the option to get Cedar lining on the walls and vinyl on the floor to make the house easier to clean.

Why are Shipping Costs so high? These houses are shipped completely assembled and are quite large and heavy by UPS standards and are charged as oversized. Plus the high cost of fuel is'nt helping.

What pay methods do you except? Visa, Mastercard, PayPal,Diner's Club

What color is the carpeting in the cat houses? Neutral colors usually a wheat color.

If I get an electronic door on my kitty house is there any danger of the cat being locked inside when the battery runs down? No, the electronic lock only locks on enter. But there is a manual control that can lock the door on exit, you will need to instruct anyone concerned not to change the setting.

Can one person lift and carry one of these cat houses? You need to have a good strong back for most of these houses, we recommend you have a helper. The houses that weigh the least are the Econo and the Cedar.

How do I specify a different color than what is shown? Just order a house that is close to what want and then specify the siding color and the trim color in the comment section at checkout.

On the heated houses does the thermostat turn the bulb off and on, as needed to maintain a constant and safe temperature within the house? Yes, that's exactly how it works, you also have the ability to adjust the temp up or down.