I ordered the sanctuary in September, and I just have to share the good news with you. Today the stray cat that I have been feeding got in it for the first time. When I ordered this, I doubted that he will use it, because he is so scared and still does not trust me. I am so happy I bought this. To know that he will have a warm place to go to this winter really gives me peace of mind. This was well worth the price. I think we will have below normal temperatures this winter in Missouri.

I was worried that my stubborn cat would not use the cat pod that I purchased but Robert was right, you just have to be patient

I was skeptical my indoor outdoor cats would use this box.† All my cats have outdoor/indoor access via a pet door.† But one cat does adore being out in all weather.† For him, I purchased an insluated kitty house with door.† It is not heated but I put a reflective kitty pad and some cozy fleece to make it comfy.† He will use this when it is raining all day but he wants to be o.u.t but it is wet...or if it is a cold am and he has decided to spend it outdoors - the other cats sometimes give him greif coming in, and this is great for him...he does not need to come inside, and has warm shelter till I get up in the am and let him inside...

But with the feral shelter I wanted something that had heat to attract and keep the cat.† I was doubtful my cats would use this feral shelter but...

Heck, I thought I'd try and if it didnt work could donate it to my fave cat rescue Rikki's Refuge.

But within 1 hr of puttin out on my deck and plugging in the heating pad (not light) I had a cat in the box! †(I have 3 cats that go out..) † Then over the next 3 hrs all 3 cats played tag getting in and out of the box.† It rained heavily in that time, but all 3 wanted to be out. †1 hid under the pet ramp on the hot pad, 1 hid under the table (wrapped in tarp no hot pad) and 1 was in the heated feral shelter. †

Over 3 hrs the cats rotated from indoor to outdoor to table to box and back.† Never the same cat!!† Amazing.† The product works, the cats LOVE it and I think I will be ordering another shortly. †

Now if I close up the pet door on a cold night (to keep out racoons or to conserve heat) I will NOT feel bad.† I will know the cats have 2 forms of shelter and 1 is heated and GREAT and warm, while the other is dry and warm but NOT heated.

Thank you for making such and easy to set up LIGHTWEIGHT and sturdy product.† My cats and I are so happy!!!!

Oh my goodness, I just received the most amazing brilliant cathouse ever! My cat is already inside the house all cozy. It's 88 degrees outside and he ate his first meal in there tonight. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! What an amazingly beautiful cute functional little environment for Maximus!

The Cat House is Wonderful! I received my heated cat house on Monday and I am so impressed with the quality of the house. It is well worth the price, the workmanship is outstanding. My outside semi-feral cat started to use it immediately as the temperature dropped to 28 that night. She is learning to use the kitty door, but is still suspicious since I had to live trap her to spay and vet her. I feel secure that she is warm, safe and sound in her new house, such peace of mind for me. Again, the house surpassed what I expected and will be her home for many years to come. The fact that you have replacement parts available assures the longevity of the house. Thank you for your time and craftsmanship, I would recommend your products to any one. Pam

I have rescued 5 cats this year. Four of them have integrated quite well into the household. The fifth one must live outdoors and I was very worried about making him comfortable this winter until I found your web site. I ordered one of your heated cat houses for him and it is truly an answer to prayer. I can now be confident that he can be toasty warm this winter. Thank you So much! Please keep up the exceptional work you do for our furry friends.

Please pass on to the creator(s)/carpenter(s) of these pet houses that they are works of art. I truly appreciate the thoroughness with the design details of these houses. As a repeat customer, though at first the cost of a house may seem pricey, once you see these houses up-close you realize they are an incredible combination of great durability against the elements, ingenious designs for functionality and aesthetically attuned to the outdoors, like a national park lodge. Thanks for your attention to my comments.

I have to admit that when I started looking in your webstore I thought the houses were a bit pricy. But when I received my Heated cedar cat house I was totally Amazed at the beautiful workmanship. You just don't find this kind of quality in this day and age at any price. I can tell this house will last a very long time. I will be ordering another one shortly. Thank You Very Much. Cindy

We received the Deluxe House with Loft we ordered and it is amazing! First of all, I have never seen anything packaged so well so thank you! The house arrived in perfect condition. I was able to put everything together within minutes and we LOVE it! Our cat immediately laid by the "front door" and hung out all evening. The first time he jumped up to his "viewing platform" he just rolled and rolled - it is fantastic! It is so well built and it's adorable - especially his little side window!

Thank you so much! Basil thanks you as well!!!

The White's

Hi, bought the EASY outdoor litter box and my life really did get easy. I have a cat pen with 13 cats and the litter box was always a nightmare. This litter box is amazing and so simple, I scoop daily, change the litter weekly and change the bag evert 2 months. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

I just wanted to thank you for the cat house. It was exactly what I had hoped for. My cat loves it. She started using it almost immediately. I opened the front to let her in, closed it and she came out through the flap. We did that a few times, then, she started going in through the flap. She had been using a flimsy house with no door so she just needed encouragement with the flap. It just took a few minutes. My husband says it is made better than our house! Thanks again.

Sharyn Holder

Hi, I did not heed your warning about the cheaper flimsy cat houses currently on the market. I ordered the one they call the "Only Heated Cat House" and you are so right that you get what you paid for, this thing offers no protection whatsoever and barely gets warm. So I ordered one of your heated cat houses and MY GOD this thing is nicer than my house, thank you so much for the excellant craftsmanship. Judy

Bob, I received the ultimate heated cedar house that I ordered today. I just want to say thank-you so much. The cat house is absolutely beautiful. The craftmanship and detail is a work of art. My cat already loves it. Thanks again! Ricky The econo house/ standard door arrived today in perfect shape. It is exceptionally well constructed and well designed. Looks even better than its picture on the website. A very good value. E.M., New York

Hi Bob,

I have two cathouses from you and I cannot tell you how great they are! They are extremely well constructed, easy to clean and the cats love them. I purchased them over three years ago and they are still in good shape. Just what the cats need on the cold, winter nights we have here in Wisconsin. Thanks so much for these houses-----there is nothing worse than seeing a cat trying to survive the cold and snow. Now we know they are warm and dry just like us! I have shared your website with a number of people who also care for outdoor cats so I am hoping your business is doing well.

Debra , Milwaukee

Goodness! Is that some house or what?!!!!! Uhm, that creation you sent is BETTER Built than our own house. Amazing. I had no idea. Thank you so much! I can see why the prices are as they are.

It snowed here for the first time starting this morning. Ice and snow everywhere. We have a couple of neighborhood cats that come by for dinner - we really don't know if they are pets or feral, and they won't go in just yet, but they peeked in a little.

I'm hopeful.

Thank you for an excellent product.



I received my three story cat house in great condition. I canít thank you enough. I was more than happy with the house. Itís so professionally made and absolutely adorable. I was just thrilled when I opened the boxes. Iím a woman 5í 1Ē and weigh 115lbs and was able to put it all together myself including hooking up the a/c-heater unit. My cats THANK YOU and I THANK YOU. Now they wonít suffer in this heat anymore! Youíre very talented!! Thanks again,


Hi there,

I'm in Michigan and I ordered a heated kitty house from you 2 years ago. Wow! It still looks brand-new, people are always commenting on how nice it looks compared to other pet homes. My cat LOVES his house, it gets pretty cold here and the inside is always toasty-warm. The vents also keep condensation away so we can peer inside our kitty's window from our picture window and see him all curled up inside asleep. It only took him a week to figure out how to use the cat-flap. Your products are wonderfully well-made, thank you for your great work!

- Kate .............

Hi Robert. This is such a compliment to you and your work I had to pass it on to you. Sincerely, Jan

Hi Jan!

I have been meaning to write you ever since I received our cat house and stand. I have to say that I am more than impressed! The house is beautiful and exceeded my expectations. It looks like quality work! I have been in the veterinary industry for over 9 years now... and your products/website will definitely be recommended to others! My dad (who is very handy with woodwork, etc.) even commented on how nice the construction was. I also want to applaud you on your timely responses, shipment and friendly customer service. Thanks for your time and AWESOME products! I'm sure we will be in touch in the future!


Nichole Kelly, CVT, CVPM Fort Collins, CO

Feline Fantasies Cat and Tiny Dog Boutique Phone: 573-243-8935

Bob, I recieved my cat house just a little while ago and I have to say it's wonderful. I am a carpenter but just could'nt make time to build one myself. Even though I do this for a living I would have trouble matching your quality, you are talented. And considering the high cost of building materials and the amount of time you must be putting into it, your prices are cheap. I think what you are doing is worth while, keep up the good work. Henry.

I recieved your cat house on wednesday, just as our first snow was starting to fall. It is beautiful and truly the work of a master craftsman. I had read a comment on your website where the person said it was better built than their own house. I laughed at that , but it is true!If I could fit , I would move in. Probably the best quality product I have ever purchased.

WOW!! I received your work of art yesterday. The construction of my heated cat house is top-grade and the appearance is fantastic. You are both craftsman of the highest order and a good man for creating this product that will alleviate the suffering of many an animal. Everything that appears on your website and that you told me during our telephone conversation is 100% accurate. I purchased a quality product from a quality man. I would gladly provide this testimonial to anybody that you desire. Many thanks and very best regards. Kevin O'malley

Hi Bob, Sorry it has taken me so long to write. We received our kitty house the day after I called to ask you when it had shipped. You may not remember, it was right after hurricane Katrina hit, I think UPS was running slow.

AnywayÖ.my husband called me at work when it arrived and said, ďThe kitty house came. Itís BEAUTIFUL, I think its nicer than OUR house!!Ē We both marveled at the workmanship and the attention to detailódefinitely a job done with TLC. I daresay, itís a work of art. BRAVO!!

Because our kitty (a stray that adopted us last June) had a bad experience in a cardboard box she used on our porch last summer, it took a little coaxing to get her to use her new house. We started feeding every meal in it, but had to leave the front open in order for her to trust it. But now, over a month later, she will go into the house thru the electronic door with a LITTLE help, and has no problem going out. The last couple nights have been below 40 degrees, and she GLADLY enters (still with a little help) and will lounge in her beautiful, heated, insulated, carpeted home for hours!!!! She and I are both sleeping better. J

Iíve given your web address to several friends; I hope it drums up some more business for you.

Me, George and Bootsy Hunter thank you VERY MUCH!!

Cheers to your family, two legged and four legged!


The Cat House arrived yesterday in excellant condition. It is beautiful ...thank you for your caring craftsmanship! We will wait to plug it in/try it out until the night weather cools down a bit. Thanks again.

UPS delivered the most excellant cat house you made within 1 week of placing my order. The insulated, heated, and electronic safety pet door are wonderful features, and the green roof that you painted at my request perfectly matches my home. My chronically ill Humane Society cat LOVES this sanctuary, esp. the windows on the door and the side, through which she surveys the porch. Then she knows when to jump out the minute we come to stroke her or when our old dog comes by so that they can shuggle together. We plan to adopt or foster a few extra "unadoptable" cats, so your house will be appreciated by all, esp my husband who is VIOLENTLY allergic and cannot tolerate indoor cats. Your cat house was the most reasonably priced in comparison to all the others on the market, and I really did my research. Moreover, it is very well crafted. I have "cc"ed this email to a rescue group in case anyone wants to avoid the weeks of searching and contact you directly. Best, Denise in Utah.

I love our new kitty house, it turned out great! It's just as much a topic of conversation as our new house. Everyone who has seen it just loves it.

Hi,I did receive the coon house yesterday. It is perfect!! Needless to say, we are very excited and Kenny the coon is very happy with it. He went right inside and explored the entire thing. It is so nice to order something and recieve something nicer than you expected. Thank You so much! I was impressed by how fast you finished and shipped. It was also very thoughtful of you to put "steps" up to the second floor. It is so nice that I think I may need to order another one. thanks Samantha and Kenny Coonie

I received the cat house today........I love it!!!! You can tell that you put great care into your products...from customer service to the building of the house to the packaging and shipping ! I am geniunely impressed with your business and will gladly recommend your products to others.

They recieved the cat house in Andover NY today and absolutely love it. The cat has been checking it out all day and marking it as "his". Thank you so much foy everything, they say it is perfect and so well made. If you ever need a reference, use me. You have done a great job and made my parents very happy. Thank You. Happy New Year.

Bob built us a beautiful cat house and even accommodated our request for a vinyl floor. This house is too cute for words! It's exceptionally well designed and crafted and will clearly stand up to the weather, all at an affordable price. The house arrived quickly and was well packed.

Luckily I found Bob Schott's pet houses thru Google. He offered exactly what I wanted but I had a few questions so I called and spoke directly to him. He was extremely couteous, clear and helpful. I immediately went online and ordered a house which arrived in less than a week. It was amazingly well packed and more perfect than I had hoped. I am delighted with it and know very soon the homeless cat I have been feeding for a year will discover its very special qualities.

I absolutely love the cat house I purchased from stabobspethouses. It is extremely well built. They easily accomodated my request for a larger version because of my finicky cat. Most importantly my cat loves it. Thank you so much.

I recieved my kitty house in a week and it was packaged excellant and its very well made. My girlfriend who lives in Springfield saw some article in the newspaper or on TV regarding the story behind the making of the dog and cat houses. She had told me that Bob was a stay at home dad and loved animals and decided to make houses for dogs cats and other small animals. I just loved the story. I am always taking care of stray animals in my neighborhood and bought this house for a cat that seemed to adopt me. I might be back to purchase a doghouse. Thank you so much for the house it is really beautiful!!

I purchased a heated insulated kitty house for our kitten and am very pleased with the purchase. It is the cutest kitty house that I have ever seen and our kitten loves it. Robert makes the houses specificaly to order and I still recieved it within one week. I am thrilled with the service that I recieved! I would highly recommend this merchant to anyone.

FAST shipping, absolutely affordable and our kitty slept in it the very first night.

Great little kitty house, very well built, and great service!

Adorable and well made, fast shipment, well packed beats my expectations. Thanks.

Terrific little cat houses! This is my second.

Incredible workmanship, great buy. Can't tell you how much I love it!

Beautiful house! Great talent. Thanks

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