IN STOCK- This house is great for any cat but especially Ferals and stubborn cats that won't go through a door flap. One opening is unobstructed and then the other opening is a regular cat door so as not to cause excessive heat loss. We have found that even though some cats will not go through a door flap to get into a house they have no problem going through a flap to make a quick escape out of the house so this works out great. The house measures 21"x21"x19"H on the outside and 17"x17"x14"H on the inside and will fit 2 average size cats that are willing to curl up together. House has 2" insulated walls, 2" insulated top and 2" insulated floor. Beware of pet houses with thin walls, they are not very warm. The base of the house is treated lumber and can be place right on the ground and will not rot or decay and Termites or bugs will not eat it. The floor is covered with vinyl and house includes straw bedding. The top lifts off for easy access. This house is heated by a 100 watt infrared heatlamp controlled by an adjustable thermostat mounted on the ceiling. The heatlamp is recessed into the ceiling so it is out of the way and has an aluminum grille for Kitty's protection, also has a 20 ft cord. Don't wait for cold weather to order your Cat House, Cats need plenty of time to get use to the idea of using a new house. SHIPS TO LOWER 48 ONLY. WE SPECIALIZE IN OUTDOOR CAT HOUSES SEE OUR WEBSTORE: