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ONLY 1 AVAILABLE---This is a simple but effective shelter for Feral cats or stubborn cats that won't go through a regular cat door. These coolers are very well insulated and do good at keeping the cat's body heat in. The straw is to provide extra insulation to compensate for the unobstructed door opening. The cooler has been turned upside down to make it waterproof, otherwise wind driven rain could get in around the lip of the lid. The round entrance has a PVC liner so there is no exposed insulation. The 2nd opening is a regular Cat door with a flap, this has the better door with the tunnel liner, we have found that even though some cats wont go thru a flap to get into the house they have no problem going thru a flap to make a quick escape from a house. Beware of Pods that have exposed insulation around the door entrance as this an ideal place for dirt, mold and mildew to accumulate and is very hard to clean. Fits one average size cat up to 14lbs. Pod measures aprox 22x12 on the inside and 24x15x14H on the outside. We turned the Cooler over to solve the problem with rain getting in around the lid.