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MADE TO ORDER AND SHIPS OUT WITHIN 12 BUSINESS DAYS--We have to put a flat roof on our large houses otherwise they would be too large to ship UPS Ground. This house is built boxed and ready to ship next business day. It's a large house measuring 21"x21"x23"h on the outside and 16"x17"x14"h on the inside. The base is treated plywood that will not rot or decay. The floor is vinyl with removable carpet on top. The walls and ceiling are also lined with carpet. The floor, walls. and attic are all insulated. The house is heated by a 50 watt infared bulb that screws into a recessed light fixture in the ceiling. There is an adjustable thermostat right inside the door where you can adjust the temp. The bulb only comes on when heat is needed. The front of the house opens for easy access and cleaning. This house has the large commercial door upgrade that will fit the largest cats. House has a 20 ft cord. The siding and trim is all Cedar finished with a clear penetrating sealer to bring out the beauty of the wood . Also includes a top cushion constructed with a plywood base covered with 1" foam and weather resistant fabric. SHIPPING WEIGHT 70 LBS OVERSIZE 25"X24"X28"H.