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MADE TO ORDER AND SHIPS OUT ITHIN 12 BUSINESS DAYS--- This a large size heated Cedar house, measures 21"x21"x24"H on the outside and 16"x17"x14"H on the inside. The floor is vinyl with removable carpet on top. All interior surfaces are covered with carpet. The floor, walls and attic are insulated. The house is heated with an infrared bulb installed in a recessed light fixture in the ceiling, so it is out of Kitty's way. There is an adjustable thermostat right inside the access door. The bulb only comes on when heat is needed. Also includes a 20ft detachable cord that can be safely stored during the summer. The front of the house opens for easy access and cleaning. House has a square window and 2 Large Doors that will fit the biggest cat. The siding & Trim are Cedar and finished with a SPAR URETHANE CLEARCOAT. Also includes a Heated Pad that is designed for outdoor use and is safe even if it gets wet. Don't wait for cold weather to order your house, Cats need plenty of time to get use to the idea of using a new house.

Large Ultimate Cedar 2 DOORS and HTD Pad RS15-19L$649.00