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MADE TO ORDER AND SHIPS OUT WITHIN 15 BUSINESS DAYS---- This is a large heated cedar outdoor cat house. It measures 21"x21"x22"h on the outside and 16"x17" on the inside. It has a vinyl floor with a piece of removable carpet on top. The interior walls are lined with Cedar, a natural insect repellent. The exterior siding and trim are also Cedar. The roof is made of a more durable composite material that has a knotty pine texture ans is stained the color of Cedar. This house has 2 Large doors, one on the front and one in the rear. One square window, House has a 40 ft cord. The base of the house is treated lumber that will not rot or decay. The front of the house opens for easy access and cleaning. The house is heated with a 50 watt infrared bulb installed in a recessed light fixture in the ceiling so it is out of Kitty's way. There is an adjustable upgraded thermostat right inside the door. The bulb only comes on when heat is needed. Also includes the Heated Pad, Weatherproof Outlet, 3 Qt.Heated Bowl, Solar Fan and the Marine Varnish Clearcoat knob upgrade. DON'T WAIT FOR COLD WEATHER TO ORDER YOUR CAT HOUSE, CATS NEED PLENTY OF TIME TO GET USE TO THE IDEA OF USING A NEW CAT HOUSE