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IN STOCK ---This shelter is designed specifically for Feral Cats and Stubborn Cats that will not use a regular cat house. Constructed of Cedar a natural flea and insect repellent, Two sides are open so the cat will not feel trapped. The cat is warmed with a 150 watt infrared bulb in the top covered by a grill to be safe. Then there is a durable heating pad in the bottom. The shelter includes straw bedding heaped up around the sides to insulate the cat. Interior of the box measures 19x19" and will fit 2 cats that are willing to curl up together. the roof overhangs several inches on both sides to keep out the rain. The bottom, the two walls and the top is are insulated. Place the shelter in a spot that is as protected from the wind as possible and Kitty will be warm & comfy. Both the heating pad and the infrared bulb are connected to an adjustable thermostat so you do not have to worry about the heat being on during warm weather. This shelter uses about the same electricity as a couple of light bulbs. PLEASE NOTE, THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THE THERMOSTAT IN THIS PARTICULAR SHELTER IS TO TURN THE HEATLAMP OFF WHEN THE WEATHER GETS TOO WARM. BECAUSE THIS IS AN OPEN SHELTER THE HEAT HAS TO BE ON CONSTANTLY DURING COLD WEATHER BUT THE BULB USES VERY LITTLE ELECTRICITY.