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MADE TO ORDER AND SHIPS OUT WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS---- This house is great for any cat but especially Ferals and stubborn cats that won't go through a door flap. One opening is unobstructed and then the other opening is a regular cat door so as not to cause excessive heat loss. We have found that even though some cats will not go through a door flap to get into a house they have no problem going through a flap to make a quick escape out of the house so this works out great. The house measures 38"x18"x18"H on the outside and 34"x14"x14"H on the inside and will fit 3 Cats. House has 2" insulated walls, 2" insulated top and 2" insulated floor. Beware of pet houses with thin walls, they are not very warm. This house comes with a stand that is made of treated lumber and can be place right on the ground and will not rot or decay and Termites or bugs will not eat it. The stand gets the house 8" off the ground so it is out of the snow or ant standing water. The floor is covered with vinyl and house includes straw bedding. There is Cedar Lining on the bottom of the interior walls to protect against any moisture that the cats bring into the house. Cedar is also a natural Flee and insect repellant. The top lifts off for easy access. Also includes a large 12" x 18" Heated Pad that is designed for outdoor use and is very safe. The heated pad is Only 40 watts •Chew resistant features •Thermostatically controlled to warm to animals normal body temperature •UL Listed The pad warms up to about 15 degrees above the surrounding temp and then when it senses the cat's weight on it, it will warm up to about 100 degrees which has been determined to be the perfect temp for cats.