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MADE TO ORDER AND SHIPS OUT WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS-----These coolers are very well insulated and the Cat can easily warm it up with it's own body heat. Made from an Igloo or Coleman 120 qt cooler. Pod measures 16" x 33" x 14" deep on the inside. Will fit 3 to 4 cats. This Pod is great for any cat but especially Ferals because it has an unobstructed door opening, the 2nd door is a regular cat door with a flap so as to not cause excessive heat loss. We have found that even though some cats won't go through a cat Flap to get into a house, they have no problem going through a Cat Flap to make a quick escape from a house so this works out great. The standard 6" door fit cats up to 14lbs. Comes with straw, the soft comfortable straw for extra comfort and insulation.

The Blue may not be as pictured, could be LT Blue or DK Blue, it depends on what coolers we are able to get at the time. THE OPTIONAL Heated Pad Features: Recommended for outdoor and indoor use, Measures 12.5" x18.5" only 40 watts chew resistant cord features thermostatically controlled to warm to animals normal body temperature UL Listed The pad warms up to about 15 degrees above the surrounding temp and then when it senses the cat's weight on it, it will warm up to about 100 degrees which has been determined to be the perfect temp for cats. Heated Pad is listed in Other Cat Stuff. WE TURNED THE POD UPSIDE DOWN TO SOLVE A PROBLEM WITH WIND DRIVEN RAIN GETTING IN AROUND THE LID.